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Lexi and Jamie!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

What was your life like before Ideal?

Lexi: Painful cluelessness. Other offices failed to properly explain my condition or not explain it at all. Knowing at least helps rationalize it into reality.

Jamie: I work in a factory and basically everything between my hips up through my neck was always hurting. Sharp pains between my shoulders and a constant ache in my lower back were the worst.

What is your life like now?

Lexi: Better, the majority of the pain is more of a dull ache now with only a few outbursts of sharp pain.

Jamie: I have more energy (which is great with working so much) and mobility. My lower back has been giving me almost 0 problems. The sharp pain in between my shoulders is more of just an ache which I am so happy for!

If you could narrow down to one reason why someone should receive chiropractic care, what would that reason be?

Lexi: Reduce your pain.

Jamie: Your care is specific to you! No one shoe fits all here and that is a first for me. I'm so glad to be treated as an individual here!

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