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What was the first chiropractic adjustment?

The first ever adjustment given was in 1895 when the founder of chiropractic (DD Palmer) was working on a janitor (Harvey Lillard) who had lost his hearing. Harvey had an accident 17 years prior to this day where he hit his head on a beam which knocked him out. Ever since that event he was deaf and no one could connect why he had lost his hearing from a blow to the head. At the time DD Palmer was just beginning his studies into the nervous system and also the spine to determine if there was any significance to this area of the body. Harvey was desperately trying to find an answer to this mystery and ended up getting evaluated by DD Palmer. Upon examination of his spine Palmer noticed an abnormal bump along the spine that seemed to be out of place. He determined that if he moved this bone back to a normal alignment then this may help with symptoms he was seeing. Palmer adjusted Lillard at this abnormal bump (first ever adjustment) and Lillard didn't notice anything other than a reduction in pain upon initial findings. However 3 days later Lillard returned to Palmer’s office with the ability to hear. The first time in 17 years his hearing was restored and appeared to be just the same as before this accident had occurred. This is when Palmer realized that there was something special to the spine and its involvement to the body’s ability to function and the profession of chiropractic was born. By correcting misalignments along the spine this can change the communication of the body and brain connection to help healing take place.

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