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Manual Adjustments
Dr. Brandon uses manual and hands on adjustments to treat the identified dysfunctional vertebrae. This is performed in the neck, back and pelvic regions based on specific indicators identified during each visit to the office. A specific high velocity and low force impulse put into the spine helps the body to fix these vertebral positions to restore proper nerve function. On the initial examination the doctor will determine if manual adjustments are the right choice for you or if other methods are more effective. ​

Spinal Rehabilitation
The spinal rehab in the office is used to help with stabilization and correction
of spinal curves. This aspect of care involves chiropractic adjustments, postural
exercises and whole body vibration with head weighting. These services are built into our care plans to increase the integrity of the spine, increase nerve function, increase range of motion, help with shock absorption and decrease vertebral subluxation. 

Instrument Assisted Adjustment
The force that the Activator adjusting instrument produces is safe for patients of all ages. For patients with acute trauma, osteoporosis, or fear of manual adjusting techniques, the Activator method is the ideal chiropractic technique. The use of this instrument gives the doctor a different method to move these dysfunctional vertebrae by increasing the speed of the adjustment and therefore decreasing the force needed.


Patient Education
Modern medicine leaves most patients powerless over their own body and treatment options. This is not the case at Ideal Chiropractic. Dr. B aims to host one talk per month to give patients the knowledge and materials needed to empower them to make their own decisions.


Dr. Brandon + the Ideal Chiro team also aim to educate through social media - follow us on Facebook + Instagram for vertebrae of the week, healthy meal and lifestyle tips, and more!

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