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What was your life like before Ideal?

Ben: Constant irritation of my lumbar and neck (due to a vehicle accident in 2010.) On a good day it would be dull or stiff pain. Often the simplest of movements would throw my back out or turn to a sharp pain and restrict my already limited movements even more.

What is your life like now?

Ben: The adjustments and exercises have helped me greatly. The x-rays showed my problem areas which included my hips being misaligned. My mobility has highly improved and the discomfort/pain is very low now.

If you could narrow down to one reason why someone should receive chiropractic care, what would that reason be?

Ben: If you enjoy living in pain and having constant restrictive movement, then Ideal is NOT for you!

If you want to have lasting relief and tips to keep pain down or gone, then start your visits ASAP.

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