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Allergies are going to start becoming a burden in many individuals' lives here in the next month or so. Knowing the weather is changing there are some proactive things we can do to help our body with this change. First we need to understand what the body is doing in most allergy cases. The body is exposed to an irritant most commonly through the nose or mouth. As the exposure to this irritant increases the body starts an immune reaction to fight off this irritant. However in an individual who starts to see common allergy responses this fight becomes hyperactive and large amounts of histamine is released to ramp up the body’s attack. That is why most allergy medication is just an antihistamine chemical, however, we know that we cannot take a medication and just affect one process in the body so these will be accompanied with other side effects due to the fact we need histamine in the body. Antihistamines can commonly have side effects of drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, increased heart rate, constipation, and low blood pressure. So what are some natural ways we can fight this histamine response without negatively affecting other body functions?

Getting adjusted will help with the response of the body to allergens we are exposed to. The first and second vertebrae have direct connection to our lymphatic system and immune cells for control. If the communication to these areas is wrong then the body is going to have abnormal and incorrect responses to normal encounters. Adjustments will also help with clearing out and drainage of the sinuses to make sure that irritants aren't able to just sit in the area to continually irritate the body.

Supplements that you can take are: vitamin C, Vitamin D, probiotics and omega-3 fish oil. All of these supplements are going to help with normal immune function and give the body the building blocks that it needs to ensure proper response to irritants. When the body is depleted in these and we are exposed to allergens then its response is going to be more dramatic and intense as an overcompensation.

Lifestyle is also important to the allergic response of the body. Make sure we are trying to get adequate sleep of at least 7 hours a night. Exercise is important here as well because it can help with the detoxification process of the body. We do not want irritants just sitting in our body and continually eliciting that immune response so sweating will help get them out. Proper hydration is very important as well. When we are dehydrated the body will once again have an abnormal and overreaction to irritants in the body. Also if the body is properly hydrated we will once again have a better chance of moving irritants out of the body quicker through urination or sweating.

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