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Detox Bath

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

If you've ever typed in "detox bath" online and felt overwhelmed by the results, this post if for you! I've found a recipe for a detox bath that is designed to help increasing your body’s ability to move toxins out. If you've been following along on the Standard Process 21-Day Cleanse, then you know that up until this point we have done an excellent job of decreasing the toxic input into the body. Would you believe me if I told you that it is entirely possible that our body is still retaining toxins from our previously toxic diets? This bath will be an additional way to help release those toxic levels still lingering in our blood.

Once a week, I recommend taking a detox bath. There are a million different detox bath recipes available by a quick google search, and I highly recommend spending some time doing your research on which ingredients would be good for your body. I'm sharing my family's favorite detox bath in this post. We love it because its 3 easy ingredients, and we have them delivered to our door every few weeks as part of an Amazon subscription, so we never have to think about it. We've incorporated this into our Sunday routine - helping us start the day off right.

TIP: Always make sure to drink extra water throughout the day on detox bath days!


Detox Bath Instructions

  1. Fill your bath all the way to the top with very hot water. The detox bath works best if you use water that is just slightly above what feels comfortable to you. The hotter the water, the more you’ll sweat, and the better you’ll detox.

  2. Add 2 CUPS EPSOM SALT - This particular type of salt has long been used to stimulate detoxification, reduce inflammation in sore muscles, lower blood pressure, promote healthy circulation, and help with relaxation and normalizing sleep patterns.

  3. Add 1 CUP HYDROGEN PEROXIDE - The body has four organs (or organ systems) that it uses for detoxification: the liver (and the outgoing digestive tract), the kidneys, the lungs and the skin. Hydrogen peroxide also increases oxygenation of the blood by absorption through the skin.

  4. Add 1 CUP BAKING SODA - Baking soda baths are naturally alkalizing and are beneficial for boosting liver function, supporting digestive issues and for combating a sore throat (including strep throat).

  5. Sit in the tub for at least 20 minutes, but no more than 35 minutes. Be sure that your body is as fully submerged in the water as possible.

  6. OPTIONAL: If your skin feels itchy after the bath, you can rinse off in the shower but DO NOT apply any lotion, oil, or use any soap on your skin for at least 6 hours after your detox bath. Allow your body time to fully detox before applying more products. You can then moisturize, but steer clear of soaps, shampoos and lotions with artificial fragrances, dyes, and toxic chemicals as your pores are open post bath and can more easily absorb the chemicals found in those products. We typically use raw, organic coconut oil a few hours after a detox bath to keep our skin healthy and smooth.

During the bath, you will sweat. A lot. This is a great sign - it means your body is getting rid of toxins! Make sure you bring water with you (sometimes a few glasses of water is necessary) to stay hydrated during the bath! It is normal to feel abnormally hot and even find yourself sweating profusely during this detox. The more you sweat, the more toxic release is occurring.

Once you are done soaking, get out of the tub carefully – it’s common to feel a bit light-headed. This should go away shortly and a quick rinse off with cool water can help! It is also normal to feel a higher than normal body temperature for a few hours after your detox bath.

Remember to hydrate both during and after the bath. You are increasing your perspiration to increase your detoxing potential, so you will be dehydrated if you haven’t consumed enough fluids throughout the day.

*Do not do a detox bath if you are pregnant and also listen to your body. If you begin to feel light headed or dizzy during the bath then you may want to reduce the amount of time you are in the bath.*

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