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Essential Tremors

A case study released on September 1, 2021, in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research documented the resolution of 40 years of essential tremors along with a variety of other health issues through chiropractic care.

John Hopkins Medicine described essential tremors by stating, "Essential tremor (ET) is a neurological disorder that causes your hands, head, trunk, voice or legs to shake rhythmically. It is often confused with Parkinson's disease. Essential tremor is the most common trembling disorder. Everyone has at least a small degree of tremor, but the movements usually cannot be seen or felt because the tremor is so small. When tremors are noticeable, the condition is classified as essential tremor."

The study begins by noting that essential tremors are the most common movement disorders with a worldwide prevalence of between 0.4% to 3.9% in the general population. This condition is 20 times more prevalent than Parkinson's disease. It is estimated that seven million people have this condition in the U. S. alone.

In this case, a 58-year-old woman decided to seek chiropractic care to help with the tremors she was suffering with in her upper extremities. She reported that the tremors started 40 years ago leading to her medical diagnosis of essential tremors. The woman also reported numbness, tingling, and weakness in the right arm with pain into the right wrist and hand. In addition, she described having headaches, back pain and felt like she had a 'brain fog'.

A full chiropractic examination was performed which included a postural analysis, palpation, ranges of motion, and spinal x-rays. The findings revealed the presence of subluxations in the upper neck and specific chiropractic adjusting procedures were started.

Immediately after the first adjustment, there were objective changes in both posture and positioning. The woman also noted a change in her tremors immediately after her first adjustment. Within 24 hours of the first adjustment, the woman reported an 80% improvement in frequency and intensity of the hand tremors. After four months of chiropractic care, she reported a 95% reduction in the tremors. She also noted that most all of her other symptoms such as headache, neck pain, back pain and brain fog were either completely gone or significantly reduced.

In the conclusion the study author writes, "This case study demonstrated the upper cervical chiropractic management of a patient diagnosed with essential tremors. The patient found immediate relief of symptomatology and extended improvement in quality of life

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