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Ideal Chiropractic's Therapy Room

Why do we stress therapies after each adjustment?

The therapeutic exercises that we teach in our office are specifically designed to reshape and align the spine to a new and ideal position. Many chiropractic offices will just complete the adjustment. While the adjustment alone is going to help the spine move better, as well as decrease the pressure around the nerve, it cannot permanently change the position of the spine.

So what can create permanent change in the spine? Simply put, therapeutic exercises. Without engaging in the recommended therapies, further spinal damage and degeneration will occur. The therapies are designed to take into account the measurements done during the initial exam to determine where and how therapies should be focused to make the most impact to better spine health. Therapeutic exercise will restore ideal spine positioning which is important because everyday tasks and normal life activities create stress on the body and the overall spinal structure. It is important that we intervene to prevent damage from accruing which will inevitably continue to break down the spinal structure. Damage prevention is where focused therapies help decrease and reverse abnormal wear and tear. This is the reason behind our office emphasizing the regular use of our therapy room. 

Every patient is evaluated on an individual basis and, when appropriate, a specific set of therapies are recommended in conjunction with the adjustments. We utilize blocks and wedges specifically used to change the position and alignment of the spine for long term positive outcomes. When the spine has a “bad position” or is not structurally sound (for example, scoliosis, loss of curvature, loss of balance and symmetry, or pelvic rotation) then we will inevitably see abnormal wear and tear. What will abnormal positioning and wear and tear of the spine lead to? Research has shown that these will lead to unfavorable degenerative changes to the body such as arthritis, disc degeneration, stenosis, and disc fusion. When the body experiences degenerative changes along the nerves, we will experience symptoms such as intense pain which can ultimately lead to irreversible damage. 

Ideal Chiropractic believes that the research supports that if we restore the spine to its normal structure, the body is going to withstand what is considered “normal” everyday damage and stress better. Overall spine health will lead to a higher level of spinal function and an overall better quality of life. 

While the entire spine is our focus, we cannot ignore the importance of the cervical spine (the neck region). In the study entitled: “The Efficacy of Cervical Lordosis Rehabilitation for Nerve Root Function and Pain in Cervical Spondylotic Radiculopathy: A Randomized Trial with 2-Year Follow-Up” researchers found that patients with a loss of the cervical curve become symptomatic with pain radiating to their arms. We address these symptoms by the rehabilitation of the curvature in partnership with regular chiropractic adjustments. The study also found that when the patient corrects the curve to the cervical spine they exhibit sustained improvement to their pain and discomfort up to 2 years following their initial treatment plan. 

At any point throughout your care, a member of our team would be happy to explain which therapies are targeting which specific areas of your spine. We are passionate about patient education and understand the importance of knowing what you're working on.

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