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Inflammation is a chemical response in the body. The redness, swelling, and warmth associated with it are secondary to increased blood flow that brings all the cells to a specific area necessary for healing from an illness or injury. This process is a very important process for keeping the body in optimal health. Unfortunately, inflammation can become debilitating in nature when it becomes chronic and leads to onset or aggravation of disease. Chiropractic care is a great way to help restore balance in the body and secondarily reduce inflammation in the body.

Cause of Inflammation:

There are many different reasons the body might mount a full inflammatory response. When it is caused by an acute injury, pathogen based illness (such as a virus or bacteria), or infection, it is a necessary process that helps restore the body’s homeostasis over time. On the other hand, when chronic inflammation occurs, it leaves the body in a state of stress and imbalance. This causes a depletion of energy reserves and makes it impossible for the body to properly rejuvenate itself. Some common causes of chronic inflammation include:

  1. Sensitivity

  2. Autoimmune diseases

  3. Chronic stress or anxiety

  4. Being overweight or obesity

  5. Poor sleep patterns

  6. Poor diet

  7. Sedentary lifestyle

  8. Chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes)

Ways to reduce inflammation:

While there is a beneficial time and place for inflammation, knowing how to better manage symptoms can reduce unnecessary pain and get you back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible. Addressing inflammation holistically is a great way to boost your overall quality of life. Options for doing this include: Nutrient dense diet, Reducing processed foods, Proper spinal alignment, avoiding common food allergens, weight loss, improved sleep patterns, regular exercise, stress management and holistic management of chronic disease.

How spine alignment plays a role in inflammation: The nervous system plays a vital role in modulating an inflammatory response. It helps signal and coordinate proper cellular processes. It also helps with down-regulating and restoring the body when the response is no longer needed. Thus, spine misalignment can throw a wrench in the entire process and be one of the underlying issues that is perpetuating chronic inflammation. Spine misalignment is blocking vital nerve energy that helps the body self-regulate itself.

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