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Traditional chiropractic vs corrective chiropractic

What is the difference between a traditional chiropractor and a structural corrective chiropractor? Well most traditional chiropractors will use very basic modes of assessment to look at an individual patient such as palpation and possibly thermography. Based on those two findings then they will adjust the patient but not have an outlook on how many adjustments may be needed or what the time for recovery may look like. On this model of chiropractic the treatment is based on restoring the nervous system flow but not on the future outlook of the spine. Since the adjustment itself cannot fix the spinal structure it is amazing for healing the symptoms that someone could be experiencing but often lacks the prevention for further damage to occur due to aging.

Our office is based on structural correction chiropractic. This is a very specific analysis to the body and spine of each individual patient. The thorough process of palpation, range of motion, postural analysis and x-rays help to create the big picture of how the body is functioning and the stage at which the damage has occurred. Through this process the x-rays allow us to form an accurate prediction of how long it will take to heal the spine and body but also to help improve the structure of the spine to limit degeneration as we age. When we are able to return the body to perfect structural stability then the nervous system will be able to function appropriately but more importantly will be able to stand up to the everyday stressors the body faces without seeing exponential breakdown. The nervous system is vital to maintain because of its control to every part of the body. It is a normal fact of life that the human body will degenerate over the time of our life, however by making sure we have proper structure this can slow that process down. This will allow us to have a better chance at a longer life but more importantly a higher quality of life so that we can do the things we love for longer. In essence this is why our office adds in that extra step of the structural therapies that we do after the adjustment, these are designed to help fix the current structural abnormalities that a patient may be experiencing and then help keep them in perfect shape once correction has been achieved. Health is a dynamic process that is changing every day, we must always work at it or we will see the negative effects of breakdown.

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