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Are you taking a good quality multivitamin?

When it comes to supplements not all of them are made the same. The sad part about supplementation is that there are no regulations on the industry. This means that there is no protocol in place to make sure that the stated ingredients are in the bottle you are purchasing and no verification with the amounts stated as well. Because of it there is an importance to find a legitimate company actually holding its products to the standard that would be expected of a regulation agency. This is why I choose to use standard process supplements in my own life and also have them available for purchase in our office. This company has rigorous testing protocols in place to verify products before they are sold and they also use actual fruits and vegetables to produce the nutrients placed inside their supplements. This is another key point to their products because they use actual food sources for their supplements. These are going to be easily absorbed into the body by our digestive system. Cheap supplements that you can buy at any grocery store are mostly synthetic and made in a lab out of chemicals. These are hard for the body to absorb and most of them are just taken and excreted out of the body.

In our fun fact Friday today I wanted to highlight the multivitamin that is made by standard process. This is called catalyn and will provide a good mix of everyday nutrients that the typical individual will need. Catalyn contains 15 whole food ingredients, including carrot root which supplies over 200 known phytonutrients. It’s the combination of these foods, not just a single component, which provides the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you need to help maintain optimal health. Synthetic multivitamins composed solely of single vitamins and minerals do not have the full spectrum of components that whole food multivitamins offer. Catalyn is both a multiple vitamin and trace mineral product. It contains living enzymes to promote digestion as well as specific glandular tissues to stimulate cell and tissue repair. It is ‘cold processed’, without heat, to preserve the integrity of these nutrients. Therefore, Catalyn works in a number of ways to: maintain the health and growth of new cells in your body, to keep your skin healthy and nourish collagen production, to promote overall cardiac health, and to support energy metabolism and digestion throughout the body.

Catalyn® provides substantial levels of vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B-6. Vitamin A is responsible for creating new cells, as well as keeping your skin healthy and shiny. It’s available in foods like fish, liver, and dairy products; as well as vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. People with asthma and cystic fibrosis are at risk of having a vitamin A deficiency. A lack of vitamin A may lead to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). However, too much vitamin A can also be bad for you. Catalyn® contains 1‚200 IU of that nutrient‚ making it compatible with any diet or supplement regimen. Vitamin C is famously available in citrus fruits like oranges. It plays a role in the body’s production of collagen—especially important for maintaining strong nails and hair. It, combined with the glandular tissue included in Catalyn®, also helps repair the tissues and cells in your skin. B-vitamins, such as vitamin B-6, are instrumental in supporting a healthy metabolism. You need sufficient quantities in order to convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into the energy your body needs for daily living.

If you are looking for a good multivitamin to add into your everyday regimen I would recommend trying a bottle of catalyn. The real food and whole food supplementation makes a big difference in the support that the body needs to function properly.

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