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Healthier Snack Alternatives

Have you been finding yourself missing snacks and longing for something that crunches (that isn't a vegetable?) Well, we're here to share 4 of our favorite brands and flavors found at our local Kroger in Sandusky!

Off The Eaten Path

This brand is one of our year-round favorite snacks! As stated on their website, We’re snacks for the curious®, with an appetite for asking “what if…?” Because curious makes us who we are. And shapes who we become. Curiosity never ends and that’s the best part. So we’re here to keep you going. Hope you’re hungry for what’s to come."

They carry several varieties and flavors; you can see all of them on their website here. Our family's favorites are the veggie puffs - every one in our family loves these, even our 1-year old!

When we aren't cleansing, we almost always grab the giant bags of the chickpea veggie crisps from Sam's Club (they contain some rice, so they aren't cleanse-friendly). The Rosemary & Olive Oil hummus crisps are perfect for an alternative to your normal hummus dippers, such as celery or bell-peppers. Let us know in the comments below if you've tried this brand, or what you dip your snacks in!

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Snacks

This brand is a new favorite for our family. We just recently found these different flavors at the grocery store, but even after a few bites - its easy to know that they'll be a staple item in our future grocery trips!

They carry more than just puffs, they make tortilla chips, too! See all of their products on their website here. My wife loves the vegan white cheddar puffs, and our daughter will sit on her lap and attempt to polish off the entire bag in one sitting!

If you're thinking to yourself, "I don't think I really like chickpeas..." trust us, you should give this a shot! It reminds you of your normal cheese puff snack, but just slightly tougher to bite into. Its still soft enough for our daughter to eat on her own, though! These are a great weekend or evening snack that doesn't leave you feeling bloated or gross after eating a few hand-fulls. We are hoping that our local grocery stores start carrying the tortilla chips, too!

Simple Truth Cassava Chips

Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products are free from 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients that some customers have said they do not want in their foods. Simple Truth Organic products are certified organic by the USDA. This brand is found exclusively at Kroger, you can read more about it here!

My mom is the world's biggest potato chip lover. This is her second time doing the cleanse and last time, she struggled the most with giving up her potato chips. These remind you more of a kettle-cooked potato chip. They have a good, salty flavor and are made from Cassava flour, making it cleanse-friendly! We look for Cassava flour replacements in lots of different foods: potato chips, tortilla shells, even some of our baked goods! If you're thinking to yourself, "Dr. Brandon, what in the world is Cassava?!" Cassava is a root vegetable, typically grown in South America. Like potatoes and yams, it is a tuber crop. Cassava roots have a similar shape to sweet potatoes. Cassava is a rich, affordable source of carbohydrates. It can provide more calories per acre of the crop than other cereals, which makes it a very useful crop in the developing world.

Bare Snacks Baked Crunchy Banana Snacks

We found Bare Snacks' fruit chips this week at the grocery store, and WOW what a find! You can see all flavors of their fruit chips here - we will absolutely be trying more of these in the future! And hopefully we can find some of the vegetable chips as well next time we go back to the store.

My dad has the biggest sweet tooth of anybody in our family. We've been searching high and low for a cleanse-friendly snack that cured his sugar cravings. (If you have any cleanse-friendly dessert recipes, please share them with us!!)

We found these bare Baked Crunchy Strawberry Banana Chips, and to be honest we were skeptical at first. Reading the label in the store and thinking to ourselves, "what is strawberry dust going to taste like?" But WOW are these good. Just 4-5 of these can cure your sweet tooth and send you on your way with a little pep in your step. These have a nice, crisp crunch to them and good, natural strawberry flavor.

Hopefully this post helps you pick out a few brands that are Ideal Chiropractic approved to help you as you're scouring the aisles at the grocery store to find cleanse-friendly snacks!

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