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Is HEALTH your greatest asset?

What is your greatest asset? When I ask this question I typically hear responses such as my house, car, boat, etc. However I would argue that everyone’s greatest asset is their health . You cannot enjoy the nice tangible things in your life if you are constantly battling poor health and there needs to be a higher importance placed on health in our society. Currently our life expectancy in the US is only 78 years old which is 52nd when looking at all of the countries in the world. The top countries have an average life expectancy of 88 years old which is 10 years more on average! In the US we also spend the most on health care per person at an astonishing number of $10,224 . The world average for healthcare spending is $5,280. The highest death rates that people face in healthcare are as follows: 1. Heart disease (630,000) 2. Cancer (606,880) 3. Medical malpractice (300,000). These numbers only continue to climb and cause more and more families to be impacted by the detrimental effects of battling these issues. So what is the solution? We need to place a much greater emphasis on our own health and take responsibility for what occurs in our body. Health is something that we can have an impact on in everyday life but we need to realize that there are a couple different components that make up health. The world health organization defines health as: a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and NOT merely an absence of sickness or disease. Making small advances in each of these aspects of health and minimizing stress in these areas can help prevent bigger breakdowns in the body from occurring and help us live at a higher quality of life! Chiropractic is a massive part of staying healthy as it focuses on the most important process in the body which is making sure the body is actually communicating with itself correctly. If the nervous system is not functioning properly then even the smallest changes and stresses can start to cause abnormally difficult breakdowns and struggles. Other tactics such as socializing with others, working on stress management techniques, eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, breathing correctly, maintaining proper posture, being conscious of toxic products put in or on our bodies are just a few things that we can make changes to in order to help our overall health.

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