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January 2020: NEW YEAR, NEW YOU

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Last night, we kicked off our first office challenge! There were so many fantastic questions around "what we eat" and "how our family shops clean" that we wanted to give you all some helpful tricks + tips throughout the cleanse that you can adopt for a healthier lifestyle. This blog is aimed to do exactly that!

What does the cleanse aim to achieve?

This is NOT just another weight-loss cleanse. The Standard Process cleanse is designed to reset and restore your gut function. We are aiming to decrease overall inflammation of the body and rid the body of toxic build up.

What are we cutting out on this detox?

SUGAR fuels bad bacteria in our gut and causes adrenal fatigue.

CAFFEINE ramps up our fight or flight response and causes dependencies / addiction.

GRAINS break down into sugar overtime.

ALCOHOL is an inflammation toxin that is damaging to our gut.

PROCESSED FOODS are made from synthetic ingredients that we struggle to digest.

DAIRY is a common allergen in our normal American diets.

MEAT (FOR THE FIRST 5 DAYS) and then we re-introduce organic, grass fed beef, free range chicken and wild caught fish.

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