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What is death really? How do we define it? Well nowadays we have a lot of fancy equipment used to try and tell you this very thing. The answer isn’t all that difficult though when we really look at it. Signs of death include: lack of heartbeat, no pulse, no active breathing and absence of brain function including a response to your environment. All of these things boil down to one simple thing: MOVEMENT . As BJ Palmer once wrote: “there is only one dis-ease, regardless of where or what organ or organs involved: Paralysis of Action.” Movement literally defines life. Every normal function of our body reacts as movement to the point that every single cell in your body is always vibrating at a certain and specific frequency to interact with the cells in the surrounding area. When paralysis of this cell occurs then it dies. The same concepts occur when our organs begin to show dramatic symptoms or even stop working, this is a response to paralysis. We have to look at this in the literal and figurative sense because the movement feedback of the body is absolutely vital for existence. So often we will see this same scenario where we have a very active person that has a traumatic event that leaves them wheelchair bound. As time progresses we begin to notice other areas and organs in their body shutting down due to decreased movement over time. If we do not use an area then it will begin shutting down. This is a sad sequence of events that habituates as motion is lost and most will live a shorter life as the result.

When someone is subluxated, their normal function decreases until it becomes abnormal function. This leads to decreased function further causing paralysis. Paralysis of any part of the body leads to dis-ease, the breakdown of health and eventually total paralysis or death. The loss of motion looks like this:

Normal function -> Vertebral subluxation -> Nerve interference -> Abnormal function -> Minus function -> Paralysis -> Disease -> Death.

100% movement and function is necessary to maintain good health and quality of life. As we start to see breakdown and loss then death is inevitable and the good part about health is we can delay this issue. We have to be constantly building the body up for its inevitable breakdown over time. We can build our body up through good chiropractic and structural health, mental health, social health, nutritional health, decreasing toxins in our environment and minimizing everyday stressors.

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