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Nerve Energy

Nerve Energy:

The way our bodies function on a daily basis is largely affected by the health of our nervous system. The brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots essentially connect every part of the body into one big communication highway. This helps keep our daily activities (on both a cellular and full body level) optimized and meaningful. If you’ve ever had chiropractic treatment for spine alignment, you may have heard the phrase restoring “nerve energy” or “nerve flow” as a goal for boosting your overall health.

Today, we’ll dive into what exactly this phrase means and how it relates to your spine health and overall health.

How the Nervous System works.

As mentioned above, the nervous system helps all areas of the body communicate and coordinate with each other. Additionally, it helps regulate and control all major bodily functions. This includes basic cellular function and organ processes to higher level brain function related to learning, thinking, and memory. The nerves within the nervous system communicate with each other via chemical and electrical messages. Nerve cells primarily communicate through relatively quick electronic pathways and signaling.

What happens when nerve energy is compromised?

The signals that are passed along between the brain, spinal cord, nerves and rest of the body keep everything connected, coordinated, and well-tuned. The electrical energy required to keep these messages flowing uninhibited is made possible with good neural integrity. Things that can affect neural integrity include chronic inflammation, injury, poor mental health, and spine misalignment.

When the delicate communication highway in the nervous system is compromised, it can quickly turn into a game of telephone (the game where one person says “I want to go for a walk” and it somehow turns into “let’s go out for Chinese food tonight” five people later). With poor nerve energy, messages become delayed, crossed, and totally misinterpreted. Just like a harmless game of telephone can turn into total confusion, the body can fall into a state of total disarray and dysfunction. Of course, it is always better to keep the lines of communication as clear and uninhibited as possible. This allows everything to function with ease as all of our systems work in coordination with each other.

Spinal alignment affecting nerve energy.

Spine misalignment is a common underlying issue in the body that can often be quickly and easily addressed with professional help from a chiropractor. Common causes of spine misalignment include poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, poor movement mechanics, injury, and much more. With the guidance of a chiropractor, they can help pinpoint these often subtle changes and address them holistically to restore your nerve energy and optimize your health.

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