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Vitalism —is the recognition that the Universe itself is self-conscious, and as such, creates itself as a dynamic system wherein living organisms are self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing. The concept of Vitalism is foundational to the entire concepts of health and wellness in humans. Our bodies work hard to express health, to maintain health and to recover from illnesses or other conditions that threaten our health. This philosophy is not new and has been followed by generation upon generation in other areas of the world and throughout multiple cultures. Vitalism has a long history that was marginalized during the scientific revolution of the early twentieth century but has recently enjoyed a new degree of attention from academic, philosophic and clinical examiners based on the new perspective quantum mechanics has given us on issues of space, time and healing. Vitalism fits into our current view of how our environmental stresses can both cause breakdowns in our body but also be used to build our body up.

We have to acknowledge the fact that our body was intelligently designed to be self sufficient and given the right environment and materials we will live a healthy life. This explains how our body does things like build tissues, digest food, circulate blood, breathe and regulate internal temperature (etc) without us having to consciously tell the body to do each of these activities. An easy way to look at our self healing qualities would be the fact that when we get a cut in which we need stitches, the stitches themselves don't mend our tissue together. It is just holding the tissue close so that the body can do the healing. Too often now-a-days people are told that their bodies aren't working or are defective but this is not the truth. Our body is the most powerful possession that we have and we have to constantly work on maintaining it especially with how many things in our everyday life will break it down. The awesome thing about our body is that it CAN and WILL heal if we give it the right situation to do so.

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