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What is Health?

What is health? By definition health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of sickness or disease. This is how the world health organization defines health and this I feel is something that has been largely lost in our society. It seems that our society has become so wrapped up in symptoms and how people are feeling that they forget that just because you don't have immediate symptoms doesn't mean that you are a completely healthy person. Symptoms are typically the last sign to show up when dysfunction is present and the first thing to go away when the dysfunction is taken away. The most common irritants to our health are the typical repetitive things that we are doing on a daily or weekly basis that form patterns in the body. These patterns that form are rarely the result of big traumas but slow progression over months or years of our life. So even though issues may be forming we are not gonna typically get symptoms right away. Being preventive and proactive with our health care is the best way to try and prevent the bigger sicknesses, diseases or breakdowns.

So often it is easy to get wrapped up with the musculoskeletal issues that chiropractic can help with but we have to remember that every cell, tissue and organ in our body needs to have proper communication from the nervous system. If we have organ dysfunction appearing in the body it could be the result of damage at the spinal level causing symptoms at the organ level. There was an interesting study done in 2016 looking at spinal cord injury patients. They analyzed the vital organ sizes in autopsies of patients with spinal cord injuries with the intention of seeing if the decreased nerve communication caused a change to the organ. The end result was that the organs at the end of these nerves that were compromised were found to have shrunk 50-80% of a normal size. So if we can see that the organ size will be compromised from this lack in communication then we can also assume that organ function will also be affected in similar capacity.

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